Monday, December 20, 2010

Jolly Holiday Weekend

Christmas is in the air . . . I see it everywhere I go.  Not sure if I'm ready for it, but am definitely excited to watch Katie rip into her presents this year.  Going to be quite the busy Xmas this weekend as my mom is coming to town Thursday and we will open gifts with her that night.  Then on Friday we head to Omaha to spend Xmas with Toby's family . . . we'll come back early Sunday and have another Xmas with my dad and stepmom, sisters and aunt and uncle that night as well.  So needless to say, Katie should make out like a bandit.  :)

This weekend I took Katie to the Jolly Holiday Lights with Carolyn, my mother in law, and her friend, Liz.   Katie LOVED going through the lighted archways and seeing all the pretty lights.  She was a little apprehensive at the end when we stopped to see Santa, but she warmed up enough that I was able to get a quick pic of her on his lap.