Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Friends, Family, and Birthdays

Aside from having some awful 24 hr flu sweep through myself and my family, this weekend was a ton of fun.  Molly, Alankar, and Molly's godson, Tony, came over Saturday afternoon.  We busted out the Wii and let the kids play MarioKart . . . that was a lot of fun watching them try to play.  Poor Katie couldn't figure out that if she turned the wheel, the car would move on the tv but she tried anyways. 

Sunday we went to Katie's bff, Jill's, birthday party.  Nicole (her mom) knows that when I show up she can put her camera away so I did my best to get some great pics for her.  Katie and Jill had tons of fun playing "picnic" and chasing each other through the house.