Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finnegan Family Pics

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking some pics for my long-time friend, Amy Jo, and her adorable family.  We went to the Botanical Center and got some great shots in just under an hour.  I had so much fun.  Her youngest daughter, Ellie, was having a blast picking up all the rocks from around the trees and throw them on the pathway.  Her other daughter, Cecelia, just hammed it up for the camera.  And her son, John, was so patient and helpful in keeping the girls' attention.  Below are some of my favorites . . . you can see the whole album here: click here

I also went to my cousin, Jessie, and his new wife, Sabrina's wedding reception on Saturday.  I'm working on getting those pics edited.  Had a BLAST.  Did a little karaoke, danced a little bit, and got some great shots.  Congratulations you two!!