Monday, January 16, 2012

Jan 10 - 15

So time to play catch-up.  Let's start with Tuesday the 10th.  Let me just state again that it is JANUARY.  When I left work that day, it was 57 degrees out and the picture below proves that.  I can't believe how mild this winter has been.  I am loving it.

Wednesday January 11th

I used to pick Ethan up every day from daycare because my sister works but Ethan's dad is going to start doing it more often because his work allows.  When I had him, I would try to take him over to see my dad at his gymnastics club, Corner House Gymnastics so they could spend time together.  My dad lives on the East Side and we are in Urbandale, right next door to his gym.  The pic below is my dad in the middle of a conversation and Ethan is in the process of passing out in his arms.

Thursday January 12th

What a joy it is to witness some of the first bonding moments between a father and son.  Here, Ethan's dad gets to feed him for the first time.  

Saturday January 14th

Let me introduce Katie aka Sonic the Hedgehog.  She is the newest member of my mom's animal family.  Katie the human and I went to pick her up on Saturday afternoon over on the south side of DMS.  We're keeping her in our house for a couple weeks until we make our trip to Sioux City to visit for a weekend.  We've held her a couple times, with gloves, and she is very sweet.  

Sunday January 15th

My sister asked me to take some pictures of Ethan and her and his dad on Sunday.  Ethan was tired and it was a challenge keeping him content for the majority of the shoot.  But he is such a doll and gave me plenty of opportunities for some good shots.  I love the picture below.  It's definitely one of my favs.  Check out my other favorites on Facebook.