Monday, May 9, 2011

Tulips, 4-wheelers, and FUN!!!!

This weekend was the most fun I've had in a long time.  First, we went to the Tulip Festival in Pella on Saturday.  The day started early, as the drive to Pella took a little over an hour.  We met Nicole, her husband and kids, and her dad and spent the morning walking around and taking in the beautiful sights.  This was the first time most of us had been there.  The tulips were, of course, amazing.  The girls had a blast as they always do.

Then on Sunday, we went down to my dad's land in Osceola and celebrated Mother's Day.  We took a 4-wheeler ride down to the pond and then explored a little bit of the property.  We grilled out at the cabin and then Sandi and I took Toby on a little speedier and more "off-the-path" tour of the ground.  Unfortunately, his ATV was heavier, much heavier, than ours and he ended up getting completely stuck.  I mean, all 4 wheels 3/4 submerged in sticky, gummy mud.  And the 3 of us thought we could get it out.  So for an hour we tried pushing and pulling it out but it was not happening.  Thankfully Super Dad was able to save us.  We rode around for a little while after that and managed to avoid almost getting stuck and tipping a few times.

Funny thing was that my intent was to spend the day looking for mushrooms and we ended up spending 15 minutes looking for them.  We were having way too much fun riding the ATVs.  New Mother's Day tradition.

Below are some of my favs from the weekend.  To see the entire album, CLICK HERE.