Sunday, April 10, 2011


Went out to Rieman Gardens in Ames for the first time on Saturday morning.  And it was quite the memorable experience.  Saw TONS of beautiful butterflies and flowers . . . they have this really cool area that has all the cocoons hanging and newly hatched butterflies that are testing out their wings for the first time . . . a cute little gift shop . . . my kid fell into the indoor pond . . . 

Yep, Katie fell into the pond.  She met these two sisters, one was 7 and one was 5.  They were throwing leaves into the pond (it's more like a stone pool) and we had warned her to stop.  Then we hear *SPLASH* and see her under the water.  So Toby drops his coffee and jumps in and gets about crotch-deep and pulls her out.  She's soaked, head-to-toe, and is just scared to death.  The dad of the two girls just happens to be an EMT so he runs and grabs us a blanket, checks her out and makes sure there's no bumps or bruises.  Everyone was so nice and we got Katie a shirt from the gift shop and wrapped her up and took her home.  She took a very long nap after we got home and was her normal, happy-self after she woke up. 

What a fun little Saturday.